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Bryson Foods, Inc has taken everything from us.

We are Chickens.

We are Eldritch Horrors.

Make. Bryson. Pay.

One day, a portal opened to The Other, an indescribable dimension of Horror. Each of us began manifesting the traits of distant cosmic entities.

What is this?

Something Is Wrong With The Chickens is a one-page, rules-lite TTRPG of Chickens, Eldritch Horror, and Revenge for 2+ players, including 1 Chicken Master (CM).

SIWWTC Includes:

  • Quick and easy character creation
    • 6 Chicken Types - From Chicken to Turkey to the enigmatic Nugget.
    • 6 Eldritch Traits - Powers gifted from The Other. Which will we start with? How many will manifest in us?
  • An original easy-to-learn 3d6 system where success comes from the combination of our Chicken and Eldritch natures.
  • Random tables that allow the CM to start a game in minutes. Crucially, this includes a rollable table of puns.

My First Dungeon Podcast Feature

Episode 1 - Learn to Play/Interview with Elliot Davis

Episode 2  - The Poultry of Prophecy - Actual Play 

Episode 3 - Talkback episode with Elliot Davis

Inspired by the wonderful world of one-page RPGs and, in particular, Honey Heist by Grant Howitt.

Print Copies Available Now! 

You can now purchase in brochure format from Indie Press Revolution

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorElliot Davis
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsChicken, Comedy, d6, Dice, no-prep, One-shot, rules-lite, Tabletop role-playing game


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Fantastic game! Weird and wild and so much fun.


I can't wait to pull this out next time we need a quick and silly game.