My First Dungeon Actual Play & V2 Rules Tweak

Hey all!

Thanks so much for grabbing a copy of this silly game about Chickens. It means the world to me! I have a couple of exciting updates for you.

The Poultry of Prophecy - Actual Play

The wonderful folks at Fractured Realms Podcasts are in the middle of a series on Something Is Wrong With The Chickens for their podcast My First Dungeon. The actual play came out last week and if you want a sense of the kind of weird and wild hijinks you can get up to in this game, I highly recommend giving it a listen. 

Thank you to the hilarious group featured in this game: Brian Flaherty (our Chicken Master), Shenuque Tissera (Papillon), Jenny Gustafson (Dintell), Kihresha Redmond (Minerva), and Abby Hepworth (Wendy).

Listen HERE

V2 Rules Update

Ever since we recorded the above episode, I wanted to make some slight tweaks to the core rules for clarity. The main mechanics and gameplay should be unaffected, but hopefully the way things are phrased now makes it a bit easier for folks to get right into the action. Updated files are labeled "_V2" and attached to this note.

Also a huge shoutout to anyone who picked up this game as part of the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds! 

Yours crisply,



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Jul 19, 2022 6 MB
Jul 19, 2022

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